Silo Wellness hosts integrative healing wellness retreats in Jamaica — a beautiful and natural setting for a powerful reconnection to Nature.

See our retreat experience featured in CNN's "The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper"

The documentary takes an unprecedented step with CNN Correspondent David Culver undergoing psilocybin therapy on camera at our Jamaican retreat.

The documentary is available to watch on the MAX streaming platform. Episode 8!

The Silo Wellness experience

Unity Medicine: Uniting Mind, Body and Spirit. Uniting us to Nature via the mushrooms and the setting's Natural Beauty

A retreat is not a surrender to outside stressors. It’s only a surrender to our own purpose and intention — a place to regroup and strengthen before going back out into the vast world outside of ourselves.

Our goal is to create a safe container for you to comfortably explore your own mind with the least amount of negativity that could distract you from your own purpose and intention.

Set (your mindset) and setting (your surroundings) are paramount.


In beachside comfort, completed with a massage


Yourself with daily, rejuvenating, “ital-focused” meals


Yourself in the rhythm of the natural world


With 2 journeys into your subconscious 🍄





A powerfully 
transformative experience

Ready to start your journey?

Don’t worry, this form is not a commitment, but it does let us know you are serious about booking a retreat. In order for a booking to be confirmed, it is contingent on approval from our PhD Pharmacologist. You will schedule a meeting with them after the initial deposit is made. If you are not approved for our retreat, your deposit will be fully refunded back to you. This requirement is to ensure you can safely participate in our retreat!


New to psilocybin?

Are you curious about a mystical experience and wondering what to expect? Are you interested in how to prepare for it?

Our retreat intake team will be sure to prepare you with all the information you need, as well as answer all your questions in the weeks leading up to your retreat. In case you aren't quite ready to book or schedule a free inquiry call, but you are curious and want to learn more, head over to our Learn page for a collection of resources to expand your knowledge!

Align mind, body, and soul

Your journey of intentional healing begins here. Dive deep into the realms of your own consciousness and rediscover what it means to be you.

Allow yourself to let go of all that you used to be, and awaken into the truth of who you really are.